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Clinical Waste Newcastle

Does your company produce clinical, healthcare or offensive waste that you would like to dispose of at a low cost to you and the environment? At NE Recycling, we understand that managing clinical waste can seem tricky and tedious. Clinical waste must be segregated into specific clinical waste bins and containers, collected, transported and disposed of all in accordance with strict environmental laws by anybody that falls under the ‘duty of care’ for the waste. NE Recycling can do this for you. We operate a low-cost, reliable clinical waste disposal service to protect your duty of care and save your company time and money.

What is Clinical Waste?

The Controlled Waste Regulations of 1992 has defined Clinical Waste as anything that consists of:

Clinical waste can range from lab waste to swabs and bandages, so many companies can come into contact with it.

Reliable Clinical Waste Removal Service

If you aren’t sure how NE Recycling could save your company time and money, speak to our team of waste management consultants on 0191 462 0450. Clinical waste disposal can be a vital part of many businesses including tattooists, body piercings shops and medical, dental and veterinary practices. In fact, NE Recycling offers a free and detailed waste audit that enables us to decide the best way to suit your company’s individual clinical waste needs. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of things we could offer you:

If you would like to receive your free of charge, one hour, no obligation quote – just contact us or ring us on 0191 462 0450.

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